Revenue generated for clients: £19,317,401 £19,317,591 £19,317,712 £19,317,905 £19,318,003 £19,318,114 £19,318,169 £19,318,231 £19,318,397 £19,318,452 £19,318,689 £19,318,789 £19,318,846 £19,318,931 £19,319,112 £19,319,279 £19,319,477 £19,319,662 £19,319,932 £19,320,074 £19,320,315 £19,320,543 £19,320,707 £19,320,974 £19,321,211 £19,321,336 £19,321,460 £19,321,627 £19,321,788 £19,321,967 £19,322,173 £19,322,433 £19,322,662 £19,322,953 £19,323,244 £19,323,528 £19,323,809 £19,323,963 £19,324,129 £19,324,274 £19,324,530 £19,324,722 £19,324,937 £19,325,078 £19,325,295 £19,325,453 £19,325,741 £19,325,929 £19,326,063 £19,326,240 £19,326,366 £19,326,589 £19,326,852 £19,326,954 £19,327,094 £19,327,388 £19,327,601 £19,327,730 £19,327,851 £19,328,065 £19,328,211 £19,328,471 £19,328,671 £19,328,829 £19,329,058 £19,329,290 £19,329,522 £19,329,741 £19,330,017 £19,330,201 £19,330,324 £19,330,567 £19,330,783 £19,330,983 £19,331,235 £19,331,527 £19,331,809 £19,331,909 £19,332,143 £19,332,431 £19,332,591 £19,332,771 £19,333,038 £19,333,303 £19,333,538 £19,333,705 £19,333,929 £19,334,179 £19,334,416 £19,334,636 £19,334,771 £19,334,965 £19,335,177 £19,335,289 £19,335,528 £19,335,775 £19,335,911 £19,336,097 £19,336,279 £19,336,468 £19,336,681 £19,336,789 £19,336,906 £19,337,151 £19,337,386 £19,337,656 £19,337,841 £19,338,072 £19,338,353 £19,338,461 £19,338,573 £19,338,737 £19,338,907 £19,339,053 £19,339,182 £19,339,400 £19,339,626 £19,339,893


Marketing &
E-commerce Agency

We Champion Challengers

Marketing agency supporting E-commerce, B2B and service businesses. 

We work with brands in Retail, Electronics, Fashion, Beauty, Home & Lifestyle, FMCG, Services and Non-Profit. 

If you reach your audience using a website we can help you. 

Request a Marketing Assessment

Our team will assess your business based on the main objective you highlight to us. We’ll share recommendations, get in touch with queries if needed to hone our research and ultimately provide you with a marketing-focused proposal and assessment of your business. 

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5+ years of excellence
   4.8 out of 5 review score
   87% retention rate
   74 NPS score

£573K+ of client savings

   Flexi expertise reduces capitol outlay
   20% avg. discount on software
   AI powered optimisation across all projects

£19m+ in client revenue

   36% avg. increase in web traffic
   18% avg. increase in ad spend ROI
   300K+ leads generated for clients

Highly rated by our clients

   20+ experts available on all accounts
   Free reporting and advanced tracking
   Latest technology at competitive rates

We help brands scale their businesses

It doesn’t matter if you want support developing your marketing approach, or help implementing a new piece of technology. We work with brands of all sizes to create knock-out experiences that build tribes and grow revenues. We work primarily with brands selling through a website, like B2B lead generation or consumer eCommerce.

We deliver amazing results

We track everything to make projects profitable

The Coffee Factory

Ecommerce Marketing in the FMCG Sector

We helped the Coffee Factory update their entire technology stack and build in the latest marketing automation strategies. We also helped them re-build their website to improve their product offering. Our team also work with the brand to deliver digital marketing across Google PPC and Search.

TouchWood Play

B2B Lead Generation Campaign

We worked with TouchWood Play to conduct a research project into the UK market to build a 5-year plan for growth. We then supported the brand with a website refresh and delivered their marketing across Social Media, Google PPC, Google Search, Press, Print Advertising and much more.

How we do it

Learn why businesses trust Teylu to power growth.

Digital Transformation

We help you source and implement new technology in your business to take it to the next level working with our technology partners. We have exclusive deals with leading providers.

Full-Service Marketing Outsourcing

We support brands with full-service outsourcing across marketing and management. Whether you have a comms or ops challenge, we can help.

Growth Marketing Programs

Are you looking to scale quickly. Our team of marketers and management consultants will help you with our proven programs for growth.

Businesses we've helped

Our clients are like family to us

Rectangle 36

The Coffee Factory

Growing Subscriptions

Converted 3K+ new customers to purchase subscriptions. Increased return on PPC and SEO by 107% in 12-months

We helped the Coffee Factory update their entire technology stack to track how customer behave, introduced automated reporting, set up a fully automated CDP and delivered PPC, SEO and website optimisation support to drive sales in their business.

Rectangle 29

TouchWood Play

Lead Generation

£1.1m in confirmed revenue from our marketing funnel, £3.9m proposals linked to the marketing funnel

We worked with TouchWood Play to conduct a research project into the UK market to build a 5-year plan for growth. We then supported the brand with a website refresh and delivered their marketing to drive leads into their sales team. 

11th Hour Racing

11th Hour Racing Team

International Awareness

Reach & Engagement +283.5% above KPIs. Delivered project 30% under budget

We delivered a paid social media campaign to target specific regions around the world to drive in-person event attendance and online engagement with the sports team during the Ocean Race of 2023.

Fresh Coffee Shop

Fresh Coffee Shop

Ecommerce & Listings

Took revenue from £80K to £173K annually online within 12 months

We worked with Fresh Coffee Shop to implement a D2C function and subscription sales through their own website, drove traffic to their Amazon store and worked with them on B2B targeting and wholesale projects.


Unique & Unity

B2B & B2C Retail

Uplift in sales from social media advertising by 127% in 6-months. Improved website conversion rate by 13%

We worked with Unique and Unity on their D2C Ecommerce store by implementing a Google PPC, Social Advertising and Email Marketing focused campaign to build up their B2B and B2C customer base post-Covid.


Freda's Peanut Butter

Ecommerce Marketing

12:1 return on digital ad spend enabling investment in trade shows and growth into other market segments

We worked with Freda’s Peanut Butter to implement a marketing campaign to scale online revenue for the brand via their Ecommerce store. We’re also supporting them through a migration to Shopify.

Urban Baristas

Urban Baristas

Increasing Customers

147% increase in conversions within the first month of the project. Generated 42% increase in checkout traffic.

We supported Urban Baristas with the launch of their Ecommerce store and subscription model. We delivered campaigns that engaged physical retail customers and engaged them online to drive both in-store and direct sales online.

Hangloose Adventure

Hangloose Adventure

Digital Transformation

139% increase in PPC returns YOY. 35-step customer journey setup. Google Page one for 6x Major Keywords.

We worked with Hangloose Adventure on a digital transformation project that saw us build them a new website and integrate a bespoke API to deliver sophisticated email marketing throughout visitor experiences and upsell on-site services.



Investment Planning

Increased revenue from £9K to £22K per month in 90-days. Digital transformation delivered 40% global delivery timeline.

We worked with Evellier to re-shape their marketing approach for a global ecommerce marketplace selling boutique lingerie. The project saw us research, test and implement a digital strategy. We then used the results from that test project to build an investor pitch working with PKF to orchestrate a sale.

11th hour org

11th Hour Racing Organisation

Social Media Marketing

Increased website engagement by 391% YOY. Increased brand reach and penetration by 278% YOY.

We worked with the 11th Hour Racing charity to deliver a comms campaign via social media. The aim was to drive impact for the organisation on a global scale in areas where grants had been issued, as well as drive in-person and online impact for the brand in a measurable way.


Je Joue

Training and Research

Digital Marketing and Analytics training provided. 3-year Customer Analysis provided.

We worked on a training and analytics project to advise Je Joue’s team on how to scale their Ecommerce website and launch a series of new projects on a budget.


The Sustainability Toolbox

PPC, Analytics & Dev

Digital transformation delivered 15+ new website features. Implemented CDP and Multi-region SEO Strategy.

We worked with The Sustainability Toolbox to deliver website development initially. This then scaled into a PPC and SEO project to bring users to the amazing tool, as well as a digital transformation project where we implemented a custom API, analytics dashboard and CDP to measure impact for the brand.

Some of our Services


We provide PPC on Google & Bing, also via programmatic ad platforms like Ad Roll

Social Media Advertising

We provide advertising via the Meta Suite, Tik Tok and YouTube as well as other platforms

Email Marketing

We provide everything from standardised email campaigns to API led email automation through platforms like Klaviyo

Influencer Marketing

We have a network of influencers across several sectors ready to tie in to any D2C project

Analytics & Business Intelligence

We provide clients with bespoke reporting in Google Data Studio and other platforms. This pulls live data from your website whether it be for lead generation analysis or Ecommerce

Full Service Outsourcing

We offer a full marketing team outsourcing service. If you need a wide variety of marketing services we can provide them in a flexible and cost effective way.

Ecommerce Store Marketing

If you have an Ecommerce store that needs to be grow its revenue and attract new customers we can help you with everything needed to achieve that

Customer & Audience Research

We work with lots of clients to assess their market opporuntity, benchmark against competitors and identify ways to grow customer bases

Join our E-commerce Accelerator Program ®

Our Ecommerce Accelerator Program ® was birthed from a deep-rooted passion to champion challenger brands looking to aggressively scale and invest in their business. We’ve worked with 100+ brands to date – some with international footings, some just starting out. Too many to mention have benefitted from this program regardless of size. 

We work closely with founders and smaller C-suite teams for SME businesses. Some have E-commerce in place already, and some don’t.

Join our E-commerce Accelerator Program ®


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We’ll begin to assess your main competitors from a marketing performance perspective, in preparation for discussing your business aims within the market during the planning process 

  We assess your business through our scoring system

We then work with you to structure a 16-month plan to address problem areas in your store to achieve fast and consistent growth


Team of over 20+ Experts

We’ve spent many years helping established brands challenge enterprise level businesses. We’ve released a new solution that focuses on providing start-ups with highly efficient marketing and management consultancy support to fast track growth and catch larger market players by surprise. This is a full service solution that helps brands with everything from copy writing to supply chain management working to 15-month program.

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Client Testimonials

Teylu should be called 1050 megabytes because they go above and beyond the gig! We were stuck in a very difficult situation when we found Teylu. We lacked the technical know-how to overcome the barriers that had been left by our previous agency. Teylu was able to pick up where we left off and, in no time, issues that had taken months to resolve had been fully comprehended by Imran, Sam, and the Teylu team and tackled swiftly and effectively. Our platform now functions better than ever. With Teylu, you can expect clear communication and reliable implementation every time. Thanks again Teylu!
Isaac Murray
Community Manager, The Sustainability Toolbox
Teylu has taken our E-commerce platform and not only considerably boosted our item sales but have also helped to scale up our email platform, social and customer interaction. Teylu’s senior team consistently worked one to one with me and other team members going beyond the call of duty to help us understand areas within our business we lacked knowledge of, we now feel confident going forwards in these areas alone.
Braden Rixon
Ecommerce Marketing Manager, Urban Baristas
We'd worked with lots of agencies in the past, but none got us, and our business aims. Teylu brought together an all-star team to act as our marketing outfit across our flagship brands and quickly started delivering. They're an efficient team focused on results. Would recommend, and have.
Steve Phelps
Owner, Fresh Coffee Shop Ltd
The training the Teylu team gave us, and the efficient way they then used the budget we gave them to deliver paid marketing across Google Ads and Meta Suite against KPIs was truly fantastic, it gave us more budget to deploy in other areas.
Emily Caroe
Marketing Director, 11th Hour Racing Team

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