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We are consulting experts. We know when to lead, when to listen and when to learn. On average every person in the Teylu and Partners group has over fifteen years experience in their specialism. We connect award winning consultants with clients across our two agencies assisting FMCG, Retail and e-Commerce businesses.

Our journey began in 2015 with an idea to improve the way the consulting industry was managed for clients and employees by focusing on wellness and direct communication with remote working at the core, well before it was mainstream.

The idea was concieved looking down at St Michaels Mount in Cornwall from a hill top by our founder. At the time it was simply intuition, but it has proved to be a great decision as working practices are starting to follow the same trend.

Nordic countries have the word Hygge, meaning wellness and contentment. Seeking contentment for clients has become our goal – a content client is a happy client, likewise a content employee is a happy employee. This focus has inspired us to lead the way in terms of client and employee job satisfaction.

We officially launched in 2017 with the Teylu Marketing Agency focusing on our heartland of expertise – full service marketing for FMCG, retail and e-Commerce supporting British and European companies in a wide variety of sectors.

Since 2017 it has been a whirlwind journey and we’ve evolved our businesses launching two sub-brands.

In 2020 we launched Karreck Consulting, a management consultancy offering that sits alongside our marketing agency focusing on efficiency and process support and day-to-day accounting. In 2021, we launched Enis, a software project. Enis aims to provide an AI led marketing solution to SME businesses utilising the expertise of our marketing agency team at an affordable susbcription fee.





Teylu and Partners is made up of three brands, all have the same approach.

Teylu and Partners is a consulting group based in the UK that services clients across Europe.

Teylu and Partners owns three brands that all follow the same approach to consultancy – honest, fair and direct advice.

The group is made up of three businesses that assist clients with everything from digital advertising to fulfillment re-structuring, with the latest businesses focusing on a subscription purchase solution.

Teylu and Partners employees know when to lead, whent to listen and when to learn when working with their clients.

Full service marketing and advertising agency with a focus on digital for FMCG, retail and e-Commerce.
Management consultancy focused on efficiency and process support offering day to day accounting services.
A software company in its infancy that aims to provide AI led marketing insight through an affordable subscription fee.

Being based in Cornwall we are surrounded by a wild and rugged landscape as nature intended. Preserving the Cornish landscape, as well as supporting our community is incredibly important to us.

Cornwall played a major part in the industrial revolution providing Tin and other metals through the practice of mining for centuries. Despite this, it is still one of the last truly wild landscapes in the UK. We see Cornwall as a brilliant place to promote and inform about sustainable and environmentally friendly living.

To show our commitment, every year we try and donate up to 5% of our total profits to organisations and charities that support loving our surroundings with a climate positive mindset.

Further to this, every year the Teylu Consultancy Group is putting profits aside to purchase and preserve wild pieces of land in Cornwall as a commitment to a carbon neutral future. Woodlands and moorlands in Cornwall can provide some of the best Co2 absorption available in the UK.

The land we protect will be freely open to educational bodies and charities to teach in, enjoy and explore. Further to this, any client or partner of the Teylu Consultancy Group will be able to visit and enjoy the woodlands and moorlands we protect to explore when on holiday.


Creating ocean activitist everywhere for a thriving ocean and thriving people


Protecting Cornwall’s wildlife and wild places on land and in our seas.


An educational charity who builds relationships between people and the natural world.


An institution that helps businesses get to net zero and develop a climate positive workforce.


2021 GOAL £5,000 SAVED

2022 GOAL £10,000 SAVED

2023 GOAL £15,000 SAVED



Everything we do is built on trust between our clients and our teams. We are an ambitious business that strives to make change for our clients and as such, security for all parties is paramount.

Everyone knows the phrase ‘people buy from people’. In our view, compassion and consultancy go hand in hand. We know that often our clients are knocking at our door because they have a problem and need help fixing it urgently. Our entire process is built around solving problems efficiently with honesty to give our clients security.

Our business is built on determination and respect. These two fundamentals mean we never push our clients into situations they cannot manage, and focus on the best solutions above all else.

Every part of the Teylu and Partners Consultancy Group is fully insured to give our clients piece of mind that if any project encounters challenges where Teylu and Partners is involved they are covered alongside us.

The Teylu Consultancy Group is currently protected by Employers Liability Insurance, Public and Product Liability Insurance, Professional Indeminty Insurance and Cyber and Data Protection Insurance – all provided by our trusted partners Hiscox Insurance.

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