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Hangloose Adventure

Digital Transformation

Hangloose Is The Home Of Adrenaline Activities. Offering Unbeaten Experience Days For Kids, Adults and Groups. They began with a zipline site in Cornwall at the Eden Project, quickly building out other thrilling activities like sky walks and high-G swings. They’ve now expanded to two locations in the UK. 

Client: Hangloose Adventure
Sector: Liesure & Tourism
Services: PPC, Social Media Posting and Advertising, Email Marketing and Automation, Booking and Order Upsell, Digital Transformation, Ecommerce Store Development and Optimisation, SEO, UX Analysis


Delivered a fully integrated Ecommerce store with a 35-step automation process across Email Marketing and Product Upsell

Delivered an SEO and PPC campaign that moved the brand onto Google Page One for 6x key transactional keywords

Delivered revenue increases per £1 spent on advertising of 139% compared to the previous year

Our Task

Hangloose hired us to manage the digital transformation of their sales journey for online customers between two locations. 

We were set an extensive brief to not only build a new website that from an SEO perspective would rank highly in two locations across the UK, but it needed to offer more upsells before a customer arrived and tailor marketing based on 35x variation points to do with a visitors weight, package level and the weather (affecting whether they could attend).

We were responsible for building the plan and delivering the website, email marketing automation and integration into booking software to inform, engage and upsell customers from the point of being educated on the brand to post attendance.

"Our project with Hangloose Adventure came at a pivotal time for the business. They were expanding to their Bluewater site in Kent, with an already estbalished location in Cornwall. The messaging and brand position online was all centered around the Cornish location.

This meant that not only did we need to re-build a new website that offered better upsell journeys, data and insight on customers and present new services in the most engaging way for holiday makers searching for activites - BUT - we needed to re-think every step of their marketing journey to work with logic for two locations rather than one. This project tested the team, and if you asked the team at Hangloose we tested them too - this was a big challenge that wasn't smooth at all times.

In the end, our combination of marketing expertise to build the marketing funnels to improve returns and the extended efforted we put in outside the agreed project budget meant we got to a place where their website was ranking highly on Google, delivered 3x the upsell opportunity before someone arrived on site and helped the brand cross-sell customers between locations.

It was tough, but we delivered a solution that hit all the points in the brief on budget."

Sam, Founder, Teylu and Partners

Our Solution

Over 8-months we built a fully integrated digital marketing suite of tools across Klaviyo email, Google and Meta Suite. This was partnered with a fully bespoke website where we presented a custom design, built from scratch, and then integrated this with a custom API to a booking engine.

We then connected the email marketing system with 35+ marketing journey variations to upsell customers and increase post-visit gifting and package purchases. 

We came in on budget, and over delivered on functionality in the original brief (plus an additional brief added during the project). 

We delivered: 

  • Email marketing software setup, integration and optimisation
  • Ecommerce setup, optimisation and integration with custom API to a booking engine
  • Advertising and UX design to deliver an engaging website to users in two locations

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