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Guide to the Best Marketing Technology Partners in the UK

At Teylu and Partners, we pride ourselves on becoming experts with some of our clients’ most advanced and trusted marketing technologies. Our collaborations span multiple platforms, each part of our tech stable to drive optimal results for our clients.

Dive into our list of esteemed partners, learn about their specialisations, and discover how we harmoniously integrate their tools and services to deliver impactful digital strategies for our clients.

E-commerce Platforms, Software & Partners


A global leader in e-commerce solutions, Shopify offers versatile online store functionalities. Our collaboration with Shopify ensures seamless shopping experiences for our clients’ customers.

Commerce Layer

As a headless commerce platform, Commerce Layer allows us to craft custom shopping experiences that are both responsive and scalable.


A plug and play subscriptions system ideal for more retail, fashion, beauty and FMCG businesses looking to start out in the subscriptions game.

Eastside Co Shopify Developers

Specialising in Shopify, Eastside Co aids in crafting unique e-commerce solutions. Their expertise amplifies our e-commerce projects to new heights.


Gathering authentic customer feedback is pivotal. With Reviews.IO, we help businesses gain trust through verified customer reviews.

Shopbox AI

Enhancing e-commerce operations, Shopbox offers robust tools and integrations to create AI led peronalised website experience that boost conversion rate. We rely on it for comprehensive e-commerce solutions.

PPC Marketing & Social Media

Google Partner for PPC and Shopping

As a trusted Google Partner, we harness the power of search and shopping ads to position our clients right where their audience is.

Meta Business Partner for PPC and Social

Navigating the vast realm of social advertising on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, our partnership with Meta ensures maximum reach and engagement.

Amazon Ads Partner

Capitalizing on the e-commerce giant’s audience, our collaboration with Amazon Ads places our clients' products in the spotlight.

Tik Tok Advertising

Tapping into the younger demographic, we leverage Tik Tok Advertising for creative and engaging campaigns.

YouTube AdSense

Videos speak louder than words. With the YouTube Partner Program, we facilitate impactful video advertising campaigns.

Email Marketing and AI Customer Data


Tailoring email campaigns with precision, Klaviyo offers data-driven email marketing solutions. Our partnership ensures personalised email campaigns that resonate.

Synerise AI

Revolutionising customer data analysis, Synerise AI provides insights that fuel our strategies. We utilise its AI-driven analytics for targeted marketing endeavors.

Transformative Partnerships in the Digital Realm

At Teylu and Partners, our choice in partners reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled digital solutions. Each collaboration is a testament to our dedication to drive growth, create meaningful interactions, and ensure our clients always remain a step ahead in the digital landscape.

Are Challenges Daunting You?

The digital realm is vast, but not insurmountable. With the right guidance, tools, and passion – your brand can not only navigate but also lead. Embrace the challenge.

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