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Terms of Service & Privacy Policy


Last updated: 01 June 2024



When you visit our site, we automatically gather certain details about your device, which may include information regarding your web browser, IP address, time zone, and some of the cookies installed on your device. This is referred to as “Device Information.” 

We also collect information about the web pages you view, websites or search terms that led you to our site, and your interaction with the site.


We gather Device Information using:

  •    Cookies: Data files placed on your device. For more about cookies and disabling them, visit

  •    Log files: These track actions on the site and collect data including your IP address, browser type, Internet service provider, and other details.

  •    Web beacons, tags, and pixels: These are electronic files used to record information about your browsing.


When you attempt to use a form on the Site, we collect certain information, such as your name, email address, and more as stated in any form. This is referred to as “Form Information.”

“Personal Information” in this policy refers to both Device Information and Form Information.


Form Information is generally used to contact those who reach out via the website to use our free resources, contact our team when interested in hiring our agency or used to refer you to our brand and partner network when our services cannot provide what you are looking for with your permission. 

We use your information to tailor our services to you to our best ability, and reccomend the right services based on your needs. 

We gather Device Information to:

  •    Communicate with you.

  •    Screen for potential risk or fraud.

  •    Provide information or advertising to you based on your preferences and website behaviours.

Device Information helps us screen for potential risk and fraud, optimise our website, and measure the success of our marketing campaigns.


We share Personal Information with third parties to enhance our services. This includes using Google Analytics and Google Ads services, Meta and Tik Tok. We also may share your information with our partner network of agencies and software providers to support you with your enquiry.

You can understand how Google uses your Personal Information and request to have it removed from search here.

We believe in only using user data when it is consented to be collected and dilligently manage our cookie policy and software. We also only believe in using information to provide a better service and do not sell your personal information to any other party. 

We support the cause for honorouble use of customer information in the business landscape and would advise anybody worried about managing their personal information to use a VPN internet service or work with a Cyber Security provider to monitor and manage personal information shared online.

We might however be forced to disclose your Personal Information for legal reasons, to defend our rights, or if our business undergoes fundamental changes, like a merger or acquisition.




We may use your Personal Information to serve you targeted advertisements via social media or other platforms if you have previously provided your information to us.

You can opt-out of targeted advertising on respective platforms via their help centres, or get in touch with our team to remove your information from our marketing systems.



We do not change our site’s data collection activities when seeing a Do Not Track signal from your browser.



If residing in Europe, you have rights to access, correct, or delete your personal information. Contact us if you wish to enact these rights. Your information may be transferred outside of Europe, including to Canada and the U.S as we are an internationally operating business across all major regions of the globe. 



We retain your Form Information until you ask us to delete it. We retain information you share with us about your business until you ask us to delete it. This is due to our business offering services that are often called upon again by clients after long periods of not working together. We tend to store any reporting and business data from working with clients (or prospecting clients) for 5-years, at which point we begin to clean our system of any information. 



We may periodically update this policy. Changes will be posted here.



For queries about our privacy practices or if you want to lodge a complaint, contact us:

Teylu and Partners Ltd
Attn: Legal Department
71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden
London, WC2H 9JQ
United Kingdom

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