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What do our clients say about us?

We’re proud of this sample of testimonials from our clients. It’s honest and open about our collaborative spirit and dedication to our client partnerships. 

From industry leaders to start-ups, our clients and partners have achieved remarkable milestones with our support. 

A lot of our work is based around discretion at the request of clients. Some of our testimonials are marked as anonymous.


Hear from our ever growing roster of happy Teylu and Partners clients

Teylu should be called 1050 megabytes because they go above and beyond the gig! We were stuck in a very difficult situation when we found Teylu. We lacked the technical know-how to overcome the barriers that had been left by our previous agency. Teylu was able to pick up where we left off and, in no time, issues that had taken months to resolve had been fully comprehended by Imran, Sam, and the Teylu team and tackled swiftly and effectively.
Isaac Murray
The Sustainability Toolbox
We'd worked with lots of agencies in the past, but none got us, and our business aims. Teylu brought together an all-star team to act as our marketing outfit across our flagship brands and quickly started delivering. They're an efficient team focused on results. In our time working with them they generated a 31.75% increase in online revenue over 12-months. Would recommend, and have.
Steve Phelps
Fresh Coffee Shop Ltd
After a meticulous vetting process, we selected Teylu and Partners for our digital transformation project to improve our D2C and B2B reporting. Our project manager Marco was exceptionally professional, ensuring smooth communication and efficient virtual meetings. Any challenges were addressed swiftly (when they inevitably happened). We wholeheartedly endorse Teylu and Partners for any digital marketing venture.
UK Physcial Retail and Ecommerce SME
Teylu has taken our E-commerce platform and not only considerably boosted our item sales but have also helped to scale up our email platform, social and customer interaction. Teylu’s senior team consistently worked one to one with me and other team members going beyond the call of duty to help us understand areas within our business we lacked knowledge of, we now feel confident going forwards in these areas alone.
Braden Rixon
Urban Baristas Coffee Company
The Teylu team demonstrated extensive experience within the retail space when we first started working with them very quickly. As the founder of the business I was personally excited to welcome them to help us scale the revenue from our ecommerce marketplace offering. They became a sudo Marketing Director for us, instrumental in building a pitch for investment that resulted in us proving growth capability to sell the business. It was easy, and that hadn't been my experience before working with agencies on these types of projects.
Global Lingerie Ecommerce Marketplace
The training the Teylu team gave us, and the efficient way they then used the budget we gave them to deliver paid marketing across Google Ads and Meta Suite against KPIs was truly fantastic, it gave us more budget to deploy in other areas. As a non-profit funded sports team raising awareness of sustainability via The Ocean Race any saving we could make was dramatic at improving our impact as a cause and Teylu understand that from day one and didn't push us to spend more.
Emily Caroe
11th Hour Racing Team
The Teylu team have delivered a lot for us over the past few years - not always getting things perfect, but always working hard for us across our website, creative projects and driving leads to the sales team. By the end of our working relationship we needed to see the needle in the business move more, but up to that last few months we had been happy with the amount of work on the website, leads funnel and photography that the Teylu did for us.
Tim Harms
TouchWood Play Enterprises Ltd
We were approached by Teylu - much like the many other agencies we had hitting our inbox. Their appraoch to everything was personal and they had really done research on our market and business to help us grow the business. Our project was only short at 6-months, but their specific impact on our B2B stockists and Ecommerce revenues was so helpful in taking us to the next stage.
Ecommerce/B2B Homewares Company

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